An Inspired Connection

Three years ago, two small churches came together in body and in spirit and became The Bridge United Methodist Church. While looking for a unique area of ministry where we could have a significant impact, we met Lisa Pewe, Executive Director of Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship Inc, a 501(c)3 organization that uses horses to help people who suffer from cognitive, emotional and physical challenges. We knew immediately we wanted to work with Envision to create our own special equine program, and so The Healing Post was born.

Upcoming Programs At THE HEALING POST Include:

  • Young Leaders
    A program for 20-40 at-risk or homeless children and teens as identified and referred by community organizations to help them overcome barriers to success in school and in life.
  • Pony Power
    An equine empowerment program for children and teens in the Arizona foster care system.

Helping Our Community
By bringing this equine program to the central city, we can serve people who might not otherwise by reached. With the program offered by The Bridge and services provided by Envision Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc, a 501(c)3 organization, all donations to The Healing Post are tax deductible. Help us say "Yes" to the calls for help!

To make a donation to The Healing Post

The Healing Post serves participants through weekly therapeutic sessions of guided interactions with horses. These gentle horses are specially trained for our activities and The Healing Post uses a safety-first approach.   Horses offer wisdom without words by offering emotional feedback. Along with the guidance of a certified equine professional, true breakthroughs can happen. Partnering with horses offers new hope for traumatized, at-risk, homeless, and foster children, as well as adults.